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The RMMS Story

Basic Package - $49.95

The Basic Package includes membership with access to the Home Study Course, A “Get Organized” Handbook and Checklist, Periodic Newsletters, and up-to-date news related to veteran transition and employment issues.                                                                                                                                                                       

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Premium Package - $99.95

The Premium Package is not available yet as we develop our mentor / recruiter communities.  It will include everything in the Basic Package plus access to the mentor communities.  Our philosophy is to give you the foundation you need in the Home Study Course and then hand you off to a professional mentor / recruiter network and access to Life Coaches and professional financial planners.  These mentor communities include corporate and talent recruiters in your functional areas, 12 months of personal mentorship by a veteran who has walked in your shoes and successfully made this transition.  Recruiters will also provide lessons learned and announcements on job boards in their functional area sector.

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What is RMMS?

RMMS Newsletter

Transition Assistance Programs

Focusing on the Army Career and Alumni Program


Welcome to RMMS! Our military transition service was launched on Veterans’ Day, 12 November 2012. The RMMS periodic Newsletter focuses on topics of interest to service members that are transitioning from the military to the civilian sector.   Our first edition will focus on the Army’s Transition Program, The Army Career and Alumni Program or better known as ACAP (although it may very well be applicable to the program ran by the other military services).


Veteran Hiring News

About the Report

“Employing America’s Veterans” is a product of the Military, Veterans and Society Program at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). Through research, analysis, dialogue and outreach, this program explores the effect of military service upon current and former service members and their families, and the ways in which the nation can best support those who serve. 


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