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The RMMS Story

Local Veterans Form Company to Aid with Military to Civilian Transition

Earlier this year, Washington, DC made the Forbes list of 10 best cities to find a job. Although DC does have a strong military and government presence, its high cost of living and extreme traffic conditions is a deterrent for service members transitioning from the military. Statistics from a Families & Work Institute (FWI) blog show that unemployment for veterans was 4 points above the national average in 2011. A 2010 study showed that only 40.5% of veterans felt that were well prepared to enter the civilian job market. These statistics are alarming for veterans as they have had a steady paycheck, housing and medical care provided while they were on active duty. Once they begin to transition, their ability to maintain that type of consistency and support becomes a stressful experience.

RecognizeMyMililtarySkills (RMMS LLC) is owned by two veterans in the DC metro area and was created to assist their fellow service members with their transition from military life to civilian life. RMMS focuses on successful retirement, not just obtaining a job. Their program provides a network of veterans, recruiters and corporations to help mentor service members with their transition. The mentor network provides professional services and focuses on developing long and short term financial plans that will ultimately lead to a successful retirement.

Although based in the Washington DC metro area, RMMS focuses on veterans worldwide. They are Internet based, and offer a unique home study course in the missing elements from their own transition. The service also provides access to professional life coaches, financial planners, talent recruiters, webinars, blogs, newsletters, and an enormous support network. They have fifteen areas of focus called “mentor communities” that range from Food Service to Intelligence Analysts. A breakdown of the communities can be found on their website. Additionally RMMS forms strategic partnerships with other businesses that offer veterans services from tax planning to executive coaching.

Although the military does provide transitional assistance to service members, the owners of RMMS realized that during their transition, they could have been better prepared with more personalized attention and guidance. These two veteran owners have contributed their personal funds to a business that will give other veterans what they wish they had when they transitioned from the military to the civilian workforce.


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