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The RMMS Story


The RMMS Home Study Course is a culmination of all the things we wished we knew coming out of the military. It contains 13 Chapters and a final checklist to help you get organized. It is a step-by-step process that you follow which is the summation of best practices and lessons learned.

Chapter 1: Corporate America "A Totally Different Culture from the Military" – This chapter compares and contrasts the military and civilian private sector cultures which can be significant. It discusses the organizational structures and how they are structured to operate within their specific industries. It tells you terms you need to know and understand and how Corporate America integrity and values translate from the military's. It discusses how the corporate workplace differs from the military.

Chapter 2: I Served My Country Honorably, Now Why Can't I find a Job? – This chapter discusses the fact that you don't know what you don't know and gives you an overview of the US economy and what you need to understand about it as you prepare yourself to transition to it. It discusses specific job industries and which ones are stable or expanding and which ones are oversaturated and declining. It discusses what you need to understand in terms of skill sets, what your experience brings to the table that the private sector is seeking.

Chapter 3: "Take Charge of Your Life! No one is going to tell you what to do in the private sector." - This chapter discusses the importance developing a long-term plan and the importance of mentorship.

Chapter 4: Social Media Networks Do's and Don'ts. - This chapter discusses the pitfalls of social media networks and how to use them to network and find job opportunities.

Chapter 5: The Security Clearance – An Unmistakable Advantage. - This chapter discusses the importance of having and maintaining a federal government security clearance and what you need to understand about JPAS, the Joint Personnel Adjudication System.

Chapter 6: The Civilian Hiring Process – Nuggets you should be aware of. - This chapter what you need to understand about the Civilian Hiring Process and how you can use this to your advantage.

Chapter 7: Resumes and Interviews – The tasks you must master! - This chapter discusses what you need to understand about the resume and interview process and important lessons learned.

Chapter 8: The Compensation Package – It's not just about Salary! - This chapter discusses all the things you need to understand to be about to effective negotiate your compensation package to include 401K Plan.

Chapter 9: Financial Planning 101 – You must know where you are going before you can get there! - This chapter discusses the basics of savings and investing and other key programs you must understand to effective plan for your retirement.

Chapter 10: Competing for a Federal Government Jobs – More Difficult than you think! - This chapter discusses what you need to understand about the hiring process if you are seeking a federal government position.

Chapter 11: A Career as a W-2 Contractor Employee – This chapter discusses what you need to know (pros and cons) about being a government contractor employee.

Chapter 12: A Career as a 1099 Independent Contractor – This chapter discusses the pros and cons of being an independent contractor.

Chapter 13: Divorcing a Civilian Employer – Don't burn bridges! - This final chapter discusses how to exit a company if for some reason things are not working out.

Checklist: What now? Let's Get Organized! - The RMMS Home Study Course culminates with a step-by-step process on how to get yourself organized for long term success and jump start your next career.


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