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The RMMS Story


Taking Charge of your Life begins with developing a long-term strategy. RMMS has created a process-oriented, comprehensive checklist (Action Plan) to get you organized for a successful transition. If you plan to use the skills and experience you gained in the military to obtain a civilian position, then you will need to develop a strategy to do this. “Hope is not a Method!” Embedded within this strategy is taking the RMMS Home Study Course and joining a RMMS Mentor Community. RMMS wants to share with you all the things we wished we knew when we transitioned and provide a support network to you during this important time in your life. While this transition may be easy for some, the truth of the matter is, it will be very difficult for most of you. This checklist is designed to make your military transition as smooth as possible. Sign up today and develop this important strategy for Life after the military.

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