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RMMS LLC Mentorship Program

RecognizeMyMilitarySkills (RMMS) LLC requests your participation in our Mentorship program. The RMMS Mentorship program was founded on the principal of giving back and assisting service members’ with their transition to follow-on careers in the civilian sector. One of the pillars of our overall transition program is our mentoring program. We are interested in linking successful Veterans in functional communities with service members to assist them in advancing in subsequent careers, sharing lessons learned and best practices, success and failures, do’s and don’ts, and simply providing a support network so service members are not having to “go it alone”.

The RMMS Mentorship Program Goals are:

  • Identify a select group of highly successful Veterans.
  • Link them with high caliber service members within the RMMS functional area communities.
  • Advise service members on the subject matters that they will need to successfully transition to the civilian sector.
  • Provide timely, expert advice and career intelligence on job opportunities.
  • Provide a support network and assist service members with their transition issues and challenges.
  • Provide career advice and assist with career changes.
  • Work with assigned Corporate Recruiters to link job opportunities with the membership talent pools.

Mentor Commitment:

  • Mentors commit to 1-year and meeting with service members at least once a month over the RMMS webinar / conference call system.
  • Utilize your personal professional network and influence to assist service members.
  • Mentorship pool consists of between 1–10 service members.
  • Schedule mentoring sessions at your convenience through the RMMS audio and video conferencing network.
  • Plan 12-month mentorship program with RMMS subject matter experts.
  • Be candid with your group about transition issues.
  • Provide resume summary and photo for arrangement of mentoring group.
  • Be able to blog online periodically to support your functional area community.
  • Be familiar with the RMMS home study program.

We solicit your support of this program, and, If interested, please fill out the Mentor form below.


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Focusing on the Army Career and Alumni Program


Welcome to RMMS! Our military transition service was launched on Veterans’ Day, 12 November 2012. The RMMS periodic Newsletter focuses on topics of interest to service members that are transitioning from the military to the civilian sector.   Our first edition will focus on the Army’s Transition Program, The Army Career and Alumni Program or better known as ACAP (although it may very well be applicable to the program ran by the other military services).


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“Employing America’s Veterans” is a product of the Military, Veterans and Society Program at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). Through research, analysis, dialogue and outreach, this program explores the effect of military service upon current and former service members and their families, and the ways in which the nation can best support those who serve. 


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