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The RMMS Story


Ask yourself this tough question: Are you prepared for the next chapter of your life? You’ve proudly served your country and made a real difference, met lifelong friends and gained skills you’re proud of and know would be relevant to any employer lucky enough to put you on his or her payroll…right?  But where do you begin?  If this captures the essence of who you are, I’d like to welcome you to a service designed specifically to address your needs – now, through your transition and the rest of your life.

Welcome to RecognizeMyMilitarySkills!  This service was created by veterans and is geared towards service members transitioning out of the military.  Our purpose is to create a forum for veterans to share with service members the best practices and lessons learned from those who have walked in your shoes and have successfully made that difficult transition from military life back to civilian life.  Yes, the Army has ACAP, the Army Career and Alumni Program, to assist service members in making the transition.  But while ACAP is a good start, it is not enough.  Stumbling through this process can be, and often is, a very frustrating process.  And because you don’t know what you should get out of it, and because no one is there describing the most important aspects or how you need to use the information you’re getting in practical ways, the process becomes cumbersome.

At any given time, there are thousands of service members preparing to leave the military and enter the private sector. For some this will be one of the most difficult tasks they ever undertake.  Your transition preparation is critical to your success.  The decisions you make now will shape the rest of your life.  Take charge of your life!  One of your biggest challenges will be trying to understand what industries and jobs are most closely related to your military experience. Figuring out exactly what you want to do is very important, and some of you may wish to change career directions. Whatever your case, this site will provide the most current and up-to-date information on the issues, news, trends and job possibilities so you can make informed decisions on the career path you wish to choose.  RMMS is unique because you will not have to go through it alone.  This is a characteristic about RMMS.   As veterans ourselves, we know you need a support network not only to get your next job but to firmly establish the foundation for a lifetime of success.  RMMS provides a network of veterans, recruiters, and corporations to make available expert advise, education and mentoring to guide you along your way through this new chapter of your life.

RMMS’s philosophy focuses on developing your transition plan when you first enter military service.  That way, you are able to shape your future career path and be better prepared when you exit.  If that applies to how you’ve approached life already, you’re well on your way.  If not, we’re here to put all these pieces together and assist you in building your future plan.  That transition plan will include education, training and financial goals you want to achieve while you are in the military and extends through the rest of your life.  You may also require education and training to bolster your image in the civilian job sector or to “reinvent” yourself to meet private sector requirements in this new endeavor.

RMMS contains a home study course on all the things we wished we knew when we transitioned out of the military.  The site is organized into functional area communities, allowing easy connection and interaction to a network of veterans who have a wide range of experience and who have served in your functional area or field of interest.  The mentor network will work directly with you to advise you on the opportunities that interest you in the private sector, government or as an entrepreneur.  Each of these functional communities has corporate recruiters to link you to job vacancies, and the qualifications necessary for them.

The RMMS process takes a holistic approach.  It starts with your END in mind…successful retirement.  The program will focus on developing successful long-term plans, financially and professionally, and tie you into a support network designed to ensure your successful transition.  By integrating financial management education, which is critical to any long-term personal or professional plan, we ensure you’re fully prepared for the rest of your life.

There are many industries that offer career opportunities for veterans.  In fact, there are many employers who seek veterans for their discipline, exceptional knowledge, integrity, work ethic, and ability to work under pressure -- your timeless values. There are many industries, in addition to the defense industry, that seek veterans.  It is RMMS’s aim to expose you to the world of other industries and opportunities and steer you towards those that are stable, expanding and growing.

RMMS is not pixie dust, and there’s no magic.  Nor do we guarantee you a job.  RMMS does promise to provide you the tools, knowledge, resources and access to a network of veterans who will share with you proven practices, critical lessons learned, direction and guidance on building relevant credentials and solution sets that will allow you to take charge of your life.



While the Military Transition Center is a good start, it does not do enough.  RMMS will teach you how to reinvent yourself for success in the civilian job market.  With RMMS, you will receive:

  • A Home Study Course that provides you with a strong foundation on what you need to know about transitioning to the civilian sector; information on how to reinvent yourself from the military; and how to develop a long-term personal professional and financial plan to get you to retirement.
  • Access to Professional Life Coaches, Financial Planners, and Talent Recruiters.
  • Online Webinars and Blogs.
  • Periodic Newsletters.
  • Veteran Mentors and Recruiters support network.
  • A "Get Organized" checklist for transition success.
  • Up-to-date news related to veteran transition and employment issues, industry trends and market analysis.